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Saracen is a Lok'nStore Group PLC Company

Value Packages for Boxes

£75 / per Month + VAT
  • Free collection of your documents
  • Free next day document return - order by 4pm
  • First 100 boxes included - £25 per extra 100
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More than 500 Boxes

Flexible Fixed Price Billing
  • Inclusive document delivery and collection
  • Simple & predictable billing
  • Dedicated account manager
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Saracen document and archive storage made simple – from 1 to 1 million boxes.

  • Up to 100 Boxes
  • Order by 4pm for Next Day delivery
  • Order boxes to be delivered back by Phone / Email / Web
  • Retention Policy Management
  • High Security with Authorised Access
  • Only £25 per extra 100 boxes
  • Dedicated account support 24/7
  • Emergency Retrieval/Collection Service
  • More than 500 Boxes
  • Order by 4pm for Next Day delivery
  • Dedicated Account Manager 24/7
  • Manage Your Account On-line
  • Order boxes to be delivered back by Phone / Email / Web
  • Retention Policy Management
  • Emergency Retrieval/Collection Service
  • High Security with Authorised Access

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  • Order

    You can order one of our box storage packages now online or you can contact us by phone or email. We will help you in any way we can to make your document storage easy and simple

  • Boxes

    When you book your document storage with Saracen, we will supply boxes to order that we can deliver the next day. You can choose from 4 sizes. Of course you can use your existing boxes if you prefer.

  • Collection

    Our collection and delivery vehicles will collect from you the next day, or a day you choose. They cover our service area every day. When you request collection, records are tracked, collected and safely stored

  • Storage

    Once your archives are safely stored in one of our storage facilities they are easily tracked for location and for retrieval when you need them. Our facilities are protected with alarms, controlled access and CCTV

  • Retrieval

    If and when you want any of your documents or archives back we can easily retrieve boxes or individual documents and get them back to you, physically or electronically

Saracen conducted a full File Audit using our Enterprise Records System in conjunction with our previous provider’s records and have ironed out so many discrepancies which were stopping us finding files we needed...this has restored our Fee-earners faith in our Records Management System. Now that the two systems are working seamlessly, our admin time is down and we always get the file we are looking for.

Christine Prince, Facilities Manager, top 100 law firm

Document Storage

Document storage is a competitive business and yet we're amazed at how most companies compete with each other to complicate it. Not Saracen. We've spent the last few years engineering our offer to simplify document storage and to make it easier for our customers. And guess what?!  Customers like it simple.

It doesn't matter how many boxes you want to store (or documents), we have a simple predictable billing method for you: It's the easiest model available. Call us today and we promise that we'll help you. 

More About Saracen Document Storage

Archive Storage

And we've made archive storage for your documents, records and media simple too. It's safe, secure and it's 100% reliable - with our systems and our technology making it easy for customers.

Importantly, as experts in the field for over 20 years, we know what we're doing and we like to use that knowledge and experience to facilitate easiness for you.

More About Saracen Archive Storage

Records Management (or "RM")

Records Management is the full breadth of storage, filing & archiving, of knowing what to keep and what to dispose of (and when) and creating systems to ensure that your company, business or organisation's records are 100% safe and secure - and totally retrievable at any time.

We are experts on compliance and organisational effectiveness. And we love to help in any way we can. Some RM companies are too big and some are too small. We like to think of ourselves as big enough to cope but small enough to care.

More About Saracen Records management

Offsite Media Storage

Off-site media storage requires specialist skills - for cataloguing and indexing, for collection, for storage, for managing and for retrieval. We have all the hi-tech solutions, the skills and importantly (for the critical storage of many media formats) the extraordinary security of our specialist fire vault - which gives maximum protection. And we have the cloud too if you wish.

Chosing Saracen for your offsite media storage will give you a risk-free, reliable resource that you'll never regret.

More About Saracen Offsite Media Storage


The main concepts of GDPR are aligned with those in the current data protection law.  However, there are a number of new elements and enhancements that organisations need to be aware of.  This is specifically true of data controllers and data processers who handle sensitive personal data. Contact Saracen about GDPR today. We can help you.

More About Saracen GDPR

Legal Document Storage Made - Private & Commercial

For over 20 years legal companies have been trusting Saracen to store their files, archives, deeds and wills.  We have legal practices that store 100,000+ boxes with us through to start-ups storing 10's of boxes - we offer an unparralled level of service for all your legal document storage needs. 

You can benefit from our expertise and knowledge by securing your documents with us today.  Legal document storage requirements present a unique set of demands on our service which we use our experience to satisfy. Saracen offer maket leading security, continuity and service to make sure we continue to deliver results that beat expectations.

More About Saracen Legal Document Storage

Shredding Services

We specialise in off-site and off-site shredding and destruction. We provide systems to alert you when you can destroy old data and documents according to policy and we supply destruction certification. We also perform routine collection from your premisis or we can project manage a large one-off project.

In every case we provide the security you need to be comfortable that the job is done properly by the right people and to the right destruction specification.

More About Saracen Shredding Services

Document Management Projects

We like to help customers with special projects - like catalogueing and indexing, document clearance or helping with ongoing management solutions. We can come on site to help you... And we'll conclude a project with your records managed and manageable. We can help you with projects of any size or complexity.

Ask us for a review of your project. You won't regret our contribution.

More About Saracen Document Management

Archive Boxes

We have four sizes of archive storage boxes - each at competitive prices. We deliver them to your premises, whether you store with us or not. All our boxes are designed for purpose and are strong, stackable and long-lasting. Archive storage sizes vary according to the documents that you'd like to store.

More About Our Archive Boxes

Document Scanning

Do you want to scan your documents? 

As part of our simple approach, we can help by looking at the pros and cons of scanning documents and analysing whether it's economical, practical or a necessity for your business.

Of course if you want to go electronic, we can help with scanning and storage.

More About Saracen Document Scanning

Why you should choose Saracen...

We have a phrase within Saracen that says "we're big enough to cope - but  small enough to care" which we think summarises our position. We can manage document storage clients with up to and over 100,000 boxes and we have introduced systems and services to allow us to handle smaller businesses' document storage of less than a hundred boxes.

In each case we have a better service record with our customers because we care about every one of them. We make sure that the service is both suitable for them and is as simple as possible to use.

Our levels of personal contact and support are unrivalled in the industry. That's how we like it and that's how our customers like it too!

More About Saracen's Services & Systems

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