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Archive Storage

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Archive storage certified to ISO27001, 9001, 14001

Saracen have been running offsite archive storage services for over 25 years, and has completed numerous consolidation projects for clients over this period. Saracen will assess your businesses archive storage policy and ensure that we streamline the process by implementing a rigid process which makes sure that old expired material is destroyed in a timely fashion. Offsite archive storage can be for short term archiving or placed in deep archive - both are quickly retrievable and both can be arranged with varying service levels. At Saracen you can even arrange your archive storage with split levels of service between deep archiving and shorter term archives. Your account can also include active archive storage and media storage. It's all manageable in the same system.

Ask for a free archive storage consultation from Saracen and we will review your archive and records management process and will suggest a series a improvements which will:

  • Reduce the risk of unmanaged files onsite
  • Increase space for you to use onsite
  • Make it easier and quicker to access files
  • Increase productivity of all staff involved
  • Reduce service costs
  • Guarantee savings of over 25% of your existing costs

If you would like to find out more about positive archive storage solutions, call the Saracen team today.

What to think about when considering archive storage?

Some customers would classify all offsite storage as archive storage...  and others would classify old material that is rarely accessed as archive storage. Regardless of how you classify your archives, Saracen can help to make sure we get all the important bits in place at the outset. Whether you want to set an archive storage policy in place, to transfer "active" storage material to "inactive" storage after few years or you are just looking to implement a destruction policy as part of the archive storage policy, Saracen can help you to get it done - accurately and efficiently.Are the majority of your business records kept purely for legislative and compliance reasons? Do you rarely need them close to hand? If so why store them in an expensive office where they take up valuable space and clutter your working enviroment? Perhaps you should use Saracen offsite archive storage for your files and documents. Archive storage at one of Saracen’s deep storage facilities offers you and you business the perfect place to keep these important documents safe and secure for when you do need them - at a price that doesn’t dent your budget.

Are your archived records not that simple?

There are plenty of business in the same boat.  Saracen have come up with solutions for hundreds of companies and can help you manage your archives.  You can split your archive storage between deep archive, standard archive and active storage depending the boxes likelihood to move.  Saracen can help advise you on this during the transfer process.

Saracen archive storage will save you time 

Archiving and file retrieval is one of the most disliked office functions! There are a number of factors acting against doing your own document storage as a workable long-term solution for the management of archives. Amongst these are the fact that no-one likes doing it, no-one regularly disposes of the files that you don't need anymore, it's time consuming and you run out of space. Files tend to expand to fill the available space unless you have a real records management system. By contrast, Saracen’s managed document storage services provide a convenient, hassle-free means of securely retaining and accessing business records - without using your's and your people's time up. We find and return your documents if you need them as quickly or more quickly than you can find them. This frees you and your colleagues up to do more productive work.

DIY Archive Storage Vs. Managed Archive Service

If you're still trying to manage your own archive storage, then we'd like to highlight some of the benefits of using a professional service at Saracen

  • DIY: Need to load/transfer records to in-house facility
  • Saracen: Convenient deliveries and collection
  • DIY: Staff out of the business for extended periods to store, search, retrieve & cull archives
  • Saracen: Staff working on money making activities whilst Saracen manage your archives
  • DIY: File retrieval reliant upon availability of staff
  • Saracen: Delivery on demand
  • DIY: Collapsing boxes
  • Saracen: Secure organised storage
  • DIY: Time lost to searching for misplaced files
  • Saracen: Check and order your files on-line and delivered to your desk
  • DIY: Health and safety exposure from staff lifting heavy boxes and working remotely
  • Saracen: No risk
  • DIY: Files misplaced because not returned to original box
  • Saracen: No risk
  • DIY: Culling obsolete files tedious and troublesome
  • Saracen: Automated destruction scheduling providing reports to your inbox

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