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Archive Storage Policy

Better Safe Than Sorry

Archive storage policies are not a luxury for businesses

Archive storage policies are a "must-have" in today's world, like we all have health and safety policies and disaster recovery plans and policies.

The reasons for an archive policy are very clear, as follows

  • Legal & compliance: This will often depend on the industry you operate within and the types of archives that you hold. Archiving requirements will vary accordingly and also to your own company practices and preferences
  • Risk management & data protection: You need to minimise the risks in your business and to use systems and management that help you to do that. Systems help but you also want to understand where the human side of archive storage comes into play and to make sure that that is a positive and not a negative impact
  • Efficiency & performance: Knowing where archives are and being able to get hold of them (and to destroy them when it's time) can only improve your companies efficiency and save time and money for the business
  • Costs & budgetting: Efficiency leads to cost control and lower costs. A better policy and management leads to savings. Our billing systems are designed to be easily budgetted and to hold no surprises. That also saves your people time

Your archive storage policy should include the below

  • A knowledge of best practice
  • A review of your existing policy - or lack of it
  • An internal and an external storage review. What's on-site and what's off-site
  • What to store and where
  • When to store and when to destroy
  • What should be easily retrievable
  • Should any archives be electronically stored
  • What to put into deep storage
  • How to deal with different media and different formats
  • How to index and how to classify
  • Your archive management tools and systems - or available tools and systems

Saracen are very happy to help with all or any of this. It's in our dna. And our systems and our experience make it easier for you. We will tailor make any suggestions to your business and all our recommendations will lead towards practical and efficient solutions that can easily be provided.

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