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Other Business Storage

Saracen can offer many other useful storage facilities and services to their archiving, document or shredding clients.

The advantage to you is that anything you store with Saracen is within our collection, management and retrieval systems. You know that your materials, stock, samples or media are safe, secure and that you can have any, or all of them back - if and when you want them. 

All the advantages of our records management systems apply to our other storage - collection, managed inventory, delivery.

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And in addition our sister companies offer further services in and around business storage requirements. box'nstore offers a storage by the box service for you (store from 1 box for just £1 per month) if that's all you need for your personal paperwork and Lok'nStore offers self storage which would suit companies who want to deliever and retreive their own documents and archives - without a sophisticated records management system.

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