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About Saracen Document Storage

and the company

Saracen offers a wide-ranging list of services including:

  • Document Storage & Archive Storage
  • Records Management and Off-site Document/Archive Storage
  • Fire Vaults for High Security Assets (Deeds, Wills, Contracts)
  • Secure Document Destruction & Shredding Services
  • Offsite Tape and Media Storage Solutions
  • Cloud Based Solutions
  • Tape Restore & Recovery Services

Archiving & document storage for over 20 years

Saracen Datastore was established in 1991, and now provides over 100,000 sq. ft. offsite storage and manages millions of records for more than 500 businesses across a wide range of industry sectors. Saracen provides a service for people who want the highest level of service - ensuring they receive document archiving with a quick-response retrieval service. to

Saracen takes a truly unique approach to providing these offsite solutions because for true long term savings, a global view of your records & data storage will have multiplied affect on your whole cost base. Saracen shares its wealth of experience and expertise in servicing its clients to address many complex challenges that face businesses every day – combating the rising costs of storing and managing records, litigation avoidance, regulatory compliance and disaster recovery, and tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of individual businesses.

As Saracen has grown, our coverage has expanded providing daily services to  London, the South East (Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Essex, Berkshire, Middlesex & Wiltshire) and the South Midlands (Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire). We operate in a wide area (see our service area) with daily collection and delivery of your documents or files. Because we collect and deliver, where we are isn't material but you might be reassured to know that our HQ and one of our records management centres is in Leatherhead, Surrey and our other major records management centre is in Olney near Milton Keynes.

The company employs industry-leading barcoding technology via O'Neil's RsSQL, and satellite-tracked vehicles to ensure the location of our clients’ data can be precisely pinpointed at all times.  At the 2011 O'Neil's Strategic Partner Conference, Saracen won two prestigious awards - the highlight being the 2011 Strategic Partner for EMEA, rewarding Saracen for its commitment to the software and providing its customers with the highest level of records management.

Building long lasting relationships with all our partners, based on professionalism, trust and confidence is the defining company ethos. A true partnership approach.

Contact us now and one of our dedicated account management team will be in touch to discuss your business storage and archiving needs.

Saracen is part of the Lok'nStore group

Lok'nStore is one of the UK's leading self storage providers, operating 25 storage centres - the newest being in Bristol. For details of the self storage facilities and offers please visit lok' where you can also find corporate information about the group.

Information about Saracen's sister company, also belonging to the group, which manages storage by the box for businesses and individuals can be found at

More about Lok'nStore newest venture: Cruise ship parking in Southampton can be found at ParknCruise

The Environment & Saracen's Standards

As part of the Lok'nStore plc Group, Saracen has it's environmental and sustainable impact measured by Trucost, the leading environmental sustainability rating company. Saracen is monitoring its waste, polluting emissions as well as its contracted waste - last year Saracen recycled over 130 tonnes of its clients' shredded paper.

All the environmental KPI's are being reviewed with the purpose of reducing them each year as is Lok'nStore plc's policy. This includes the encouragement of suppliers to the company to reduce their environmental impact.

Saracen is based in Leatherhead, Surrey from where it runs its head office function. A second records management centre is based in Olney, Bucks.  Saracen employs over 30 people on a full-time basis. That's why we like to pride ourselves on being "big enough to cope and small enough to care".

Storage Services Made Simple

  • Archive Storage

    Archive storage: archive storage for London & the UK, archive and deep storage policy and archive storage queries & solutions...

  • Document Storage

    Document storage: our secure storage, document retention policy and management software and how document retrieval works...

  • Records Management

    Records management: issues around disaster planning, business continuity and data recovery, retention & RM policies...

  • Offsite Media Storage

    Offsite media storage: including offsite tape and data storage and how cloud hosting fits into off-site media storage...

  • Legal Document Storage

    Legal Document Storage: including fire vault protection, deed and will storage, storage for legal practices and media retention policies...

  • Shredding Services

    Shredding services and destruction services: confidential shredding, data destruction & waste disposal , offsite shredding and onsite shredding.

  • Business Storage

    Other business storage services: including tracked collection, delivery & storage of archives, materials, stock, samples, media...

  • Document Scanning

    To scan documents or not to scan..? The whys and wherefores of scanning and electronic document management...

  • Document Management

    Document management projects: including document cataloguing, indexing, clearance & records management solutions...

  • Archive Boxes

    Archive boxes: document storage & file storage boxes in for sizes, built for storage and built to last. For customers and for sale, delivered...

  • Credentials

    Archive, document & records management qualifications: a history of high service, hi-tech, software, systems & good people...

  • GDPR

    Advice and information regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Locations