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Storage Facilties & Systems

Providing 100% peace of mind

Archive & document storage is all about being safe, secure and being organised. Organisation means that you always know where your documents are and that you can have them back when you want them. All collection, transit, storage and document retrieval relies on the facilities and the systems used to manage them And of course professional people to look after you and those facilrties and systems.

And everything needs to be designed to be efficient and to keep it simple for you. At your end all you want to do is to phone or email or use the online management tools and your documents can be collected or retrieved. But you might want to know at our end what goes on behing that simple scene.

First of all our vans, which collect and deliver your archives or media, are all tracked by satellite and your documents on board have already been scanned into the records management system.

When they arrive to be stored, they are arriving at one of our purpose built facilites. Our facilities are modern & clean and they're safe & secure to the highest standards.

Purpose Built Document Storage Facilities

The valuable and in some cases irreplaceable nature of business records means that there can be no compromises when it comes to the facility in which documents are stored. Every Saracen site meets our strict selection criteria and our comprehensive security code stipulates the following rigorous criteria:

  • All windows and doors are steel security shuttered for an added layer of security
  • Fire and intruder alarms are linked to a central, 24 hour monitoring station
  • Smoke and motion detectors located throughout our facilities
  • 24 hour CCTV monitoring
  • Access control system
  • Site located well above any flood plains 
  • Access to sites is strictly employee only. Customer visits are by appointment and supervised 
  • Steel palisade security fencing around the entire perimeter of the site

Intruder and Fire Alarm Systems

  • ADT’s intruder alarms are supported by a remote monitoring and alarm receiving centre (ARC), which provides 24/7 management of our alarm system. Their engineering support team - RESOLVE - can remotely connect to our intruder alarm system offering immediate remote diagnostics, resulting in 70% of calls being resolved within approximately 17 minutes, without the need to send an engineer to your site
  • Fast Alarm Response 24/7 - ADT's Alarm Monitoring Centres offer fast alarm response to burglar alarms and fire alarms. ADT's Alarm Monitoring Centres are staffed by trained professionals, using state-of the-art monitoring technology.
  • ADT's Alarm Monitoring Centres operate 24/7 to receive our alarm signal in the event of an intruder detected. ADT's highly-trained monitoring professionals respond immediately with the appropriate actions.
  • Protection - sensors and video cameras helps protect specific areas inside and outside of our building.
  • Signals received from any sensor are sent as an alarm to one of ADT's Alarm Monitoring Centres where trained professionals will respond immediately with the appropriate actions.

Fire Protection

  • The Minerva® MZX125 is a 16 zone single loop panel in a compact steel enclosure with an onboard power supply. The stylish user interface is all new and has all the user controls and indications required by the latest EN54 standard. It shares the same large, easy to read 640 character LCD display as the other panels in the MX range. The buttons have a positive and tactile feel with all the labels and text provided through editable inserts making the fascia customisable.
  • 801PH Optical Smoke + Heat Detector
  • The 801PH is a state-of-the-art smoke and heat detector which allows a full set of detection modes to be implemented in the MX detection panel to suit most smoke and heat detection applications.
  • The CP820 is an indoor MX addressable manual call point with programmable status LED. The CP820 is designed for LPCB approvals. The CP820 provides high speed communication to the MX panel of a manual fire alarm.

CCTV Surveillance

Our Intellex LT System has many state of the art features...

  • Multiplex, detect alarms and events, record video, audio and text, and much more
  • Search for specific clips using video analysis tools and advanced text.
  • React faster to potential emergencies with immediate email notification of system events and alarms
  • Customize camera views for flexible monitoring
  • Easily export video, audio and text to CD-RW with one click of the mouse.
  • Store over 9 times more video than MPEG-4 and MJPEG-based systems using patented American Dynamics Active Content Compression (ACC) technology.
  • Connect up to three External Storage Modules (ESM) to expand the local storage capacity.
  • Use 3rd party applications—such as access control from Software House and Kantech as well as video forensics, virtual matrix, remote monitoring and more—integrated with Intellex via the powerful application programming interface (API)

Access Control System

Our Kantech EntraPass™ Global Edition has many benefits

  • EntraPass Global Edition is the most powerful software package Kantech has to offer. With features like global anti-pass back and area management, this system provides solutions for the most demanding applications. It will adapt easily to your needs, allowing users to access remote sites from up to 128 workstations.
  • Access granted to staff via a combination of proximity key fob and also unique PIN.
  • Network Ready - The EntraPass Global Edition system architecture supports connections to remote sites using TCP/IP protocol (communication servers) and dial-up modems (using Corporate Gateway).
  • High Performance - The EntraPass Global Edition multi-workstation software package accommodates an unlimited number of users, controls up to 34,816 card readers per Gateway and allows users to simultaneously access the system from up to 128 workstations connected to the network.
  • Visual Diagnostics - EntraPass offers on-screen real-time visual representation of the system devices, with conditions updated in real-time. Interactive system icons can be added to the graphic to display component status in real-time. Manual operations may be performed from the real-time system graphic.
  • Global Anti-Pass Back - Anti-Pass back is the ability to restrict a card at an entry or exit reader based on the status (IN/OUT) of the cardholder. With EntraPass Global Gateway, anti-pass back can be defined using readers on different controllers.

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