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Special Projects

We're sure that we have the answers to your records storage challenges even if we haven't seen exactly the same before.

Saracen are happy to take on and manage special document management projects - such as cataloguing, indexing & clearance - and any other service solution to any necessary records management issue. Saracen has 20 years experience in working with a cross section of businesses and you can be reassured that Saracen has the depth & breadth of document & archive storage knowledge to help you and your business.

Please let us know about your records management situation as we would love a new challenge! And if you'd like us to help or review your systems and procedures, why not ask for a free records management consultation.

We love to help our customers on-site, when they are moving or closing document storage accounts. We use our considerable expertise to manage the process, so that for you it's a very simple business. If you ask us to do it - we'll do it - and you can be sure that your records remains safely manageable. It's a vital part of your records management and you want expertise and experience wotking for you.

We also manage document clearance projects - often in insolvency cases for administrators, accountants and liquidators.

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