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Document Management Software

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Our document management software is the industry leader.

Barcode scanning, the best records management software, satellite tracking, GPRS tracking, real time updates, on-line access, high specification vaults... you name it, we've got it.

In addition to our highly trained and experienced people Saracen have the finest industry-best resources utilising all the technology that you need. You can take advantage of all the mod cons...  It's there if and when you need it - and it's there to help us manage your records and keep our 100% efficiency record intact.

Or you can phone us up and ask for help.

Online client access & integration

Through Saracen’s RSWeb.Net® online client portal, customers can create, manage and action service requests for all stored and pending records. Online access enables clients to index their document, file &/or box information directly in to the Saracen RSSQL® database.

Saracen, as with many records management companies use the world leading RSSQL® from O’Neil Software. For over 25 years O’Neil Software has been leading the way when it comes to solutions for the commercial records management industry. Saracen has a long standing proactive approach to embracing the software and all it can offer. As a valued Strategic Partner, Saracen is an “early adopter” of new releases as the feedback we provide to O’Neil is invaluable to them in ensuring smooth product releases. As a business Saracen depends on this software to help us realise the solutions we wish to provide to people. With a huge support team working around the globe and regular enhancements being made to the products, the partnership we have created with O’Neil software has become invaluable in helping Saracen to rise to the forefront of service provision.

And because the system can be integrated with your own inventory or management systems, clients are further able to search and look up information for any managed record whether it be held off-site with Saracen or managed internally within the clients own archive. Add to this the ability to submit and track service requests and detailed reporting, the service provides our clients with the power of information at their fingertips.

With an intuitive menu system that allows our clients to search and work with their records. Finding a particular file is simple, using pre-defined “Quick Searches.” We can personalize these searches to suit not only your requirements but also your terminology to prevent any need for your staff to learn ours. There is also an advanced search tool and clients are able to work dynamically with their results.

What about ordering services? The “Getting Started” page quickly acquaints you with this feature. You can request services by barcode, your reference number or use our advanced “Search & Select” tool. Records are then placed into a “shopping cart” (which is a feature many are now familiar with on popular shopping websites). The system then auto-calculates the exact delivery time based on your own service level agreement, so you’ll know when your request will be delivered by. And orders are not just limited to pick-up or delivery requests. You can also order services, request supplies and even check the ETA status of any order… at any time.

Customised inventory management

All fields are customisable to suit the needs and the terminology of your business. Saracen will hold a workshop with key stakeholders and will look to create a bespoke package that is designed around your needs. With such a workshop we will not only cover the look and feel of the site but also cover off the access and security requirements you may have. The time invested at this consultation stage will pay dividends later as the system is rolled out across departments within the organisation.

Many records management companies may have RSWeb.Net® but few will go to the lengths of customising access and the look and feel. At Saracen we always put this effort in as it has been proved time and time again that it not only helps smooth out the roll out programme by increasing the “buy in” from key personnel but it also really does make a difference to how efficient the system will run for you.

Saracen doesn't believe in “one size fits all” which is why we ensure that the software works the way it does and that is why Saracen uses the software the way it does.

The question to any prospective document storage provider is not “Do you have O’Neil Software?” – but rather “Do you fully engage the features of O’Neil Software?”  You will get a very different response depending on what question you ask!

Leading Barcode Technology

We have a point-to-point tracking system with all movements and events surrounding any given record being recorded and verified within our systems. This gives us complete track and trace for the full lifecycle of your records.

A Summary of the key features of RSSQL®

  • Comprehensive Billing
  • Service Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Automatic Monitoring
  • Error Trapping
  • Complete Search Capabilities
  • Wireless Technology
  • Multi-User options
  • Mobile Computing
  • Point-to-Point Tracking
  • Multi-Site Functionality
  • Client Internet Access
  • Retention Scheduling
  • Remote Employee Features
  • Document Management
  • Image on Demand 

Mobile document management - RSMobile®

RSMobile® empowers Saracen with functionality that could only be previously realized at a workstation. Tasks that previously took many steps, required training and understanding and meant that the user had to return to the workstation, can now be completed directly from the handheld RSMobile® device, improving speed, saving time and most importantly, reducing costs.

RSMobile® communicates directly to our RS-SQL® database using widely available wireless communications. And because RSMobile® is communicating directly with the database, we don't even need to have a workstation switched on.

We simply need to be in a wireless zone (or Hotspot) within our facility or we can utilise a GPRS data connection, RSMobile will automatically connect us to the database. A simplified user interface, greater functionality, live lookups from the database, signature capture when delivering/picking up, wireless interface to printers the list goes on.

And the most exciting part of this technology is that it is in the start of its development cycle, with so much more to come!

GPRS & Real-time Updates

All our van drivers are equiped with the latest GPRS enabled hand held mobile scanners that allow critical delivery and pickup information to be recorded and processed in real-time via GPRS so that we are able to confirm each and every delivery whilst still at your premises

Electronic Receipts

Sign for your record deliveries and pickups on screen and receive the receipt in your inbox.

Email Notification with Signature Capture

Receive critical information including receipts, work orders and even invoices direct to your inbox, in real time. Be informed when your records have been delivered and see a copy of the signed work order within seconds of the delivery taking place.Combined with on-screen signature capture, we have a complete paper-free transaction.

Please also see our records management software page in our credentials section

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