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Information Management in the GDPR era

With the new GDPR coming into force in 2018, information management has become even more intrinsic to any company records management system. Businesses will need to protect and data they hold on individuals or risk heavy fines.

Some of the key aspects to any information management system involve the following:

  • Having in place an Information Management Policy for your business or company
  • Making someone in your business responsible for Information Management
  • Keeping information in a way which enables your business to easily retrieve it
  • Ensuring that access to this information is controlled through its lifecycle
  • Monitoring current compliance with industry regulations and policy
  • Being aware of any new rules or standards regarding compliance
  • Reducing the risk of lost information or data within your business
  • Defining how long you should keep information and data
  • Securely disposing of information and being able to explain why it is no longer held

Obviously the bigger the company or business, the more complex this becomes. Some businesses now are processing so much customer and personal data that it may be too much of a risk for an employee to manage. This is where a company specialising in Information Management can step in and help you. Archive and document storage companies have already been dealing with information and records management for hundreds of years. Saracen has been securely storing company information since 1991 and have evolved into one of the most respected in the industry. Please call us for information, or just a no-strings conversation on what you can do to ensure you keep your company records, data and information management systems secure in the GDPR era.