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Records Management Advice

As the person or individual in a business who has responsibility for records management, you may find that you are often overwhelmed.

Requests for data, archives, files, documents and records may all fall into your inbox.  Risk of data loss and data security breaches, will most likely also be the responsibility of the person in charge of a business’s ‘Records Management.’ Keeping up–to-date with the ever changing regulations regarding the retention of company and customer data now requires a business to have serious protocols and systems in place with a need for constant monitoring.   The persons in this type of role can at times find themselves wearing ‘many hats.’ 

The phrase ‘Records Management’ often encompasses at least these items within a business or company:

  • Protecting records: Storing safely and then easily accessing data – digital and hard-copy versions
  • Staying compliant: Keeping up-to-date with retention guidelines, regulation and policy
  • Secure access to records: Retrieving and recovering records easily with confidence and speed
  • Management of a company’s records inventory: keeping track of records and data
  • Secure disposal of digital data and paper versions when the time comes

In the past these jobs have in many instances fallen to an office manager or admin manager who already has a large work load.  Records management may have been treated slightly more relaxed in the past, but with the introduction of the new GDPR companies and businesses are in need of a more permanent solution.

The most obvious solution to this issue is approaching a records management company who specialise in this area.  SaracenDatastore have been helping small and large businesses with management of data for over 20 years. We store records, documents, archives, files, back-up tapes and all types of paperwork that a business produces on a daily basis. Saracen have two secure facilities, both with fire vaults and gas (Argonite) fire suppression and extinguishing systems. We run a fleet of our own vans, driven by our own drivers across London and the south east.

If you are the person who finds yourself overwhelmed by the amount of records your company produces and you would like to have a free company ‘records’ audit please get in touch with us at Saracen.  We will give you ‘free no strings attached’ advice and help on how to manage your business records securely and safely.   

Call us at Saracen on 01372 233070 for a free records audit.