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Saracen is changing (well, its logo is…)

All good things move with the times and Saracen is no different.  We are changing our logo in the spirit of our brand aims : Simple, Predictable, Reilable and Transparent (maybe that last one wouldnt make for such a good logo!)

It now says what we do, its cleaner, fresher and best of all shows people that Saracen, whilst retaining its independent thinking is part of a larger group that brings with it the benefits of stability, efficiency and the ability to focus on the things we love...records management being one of those things in case you had'nt guessed.

We used to be red and now we are orange....

Its been on the cards for a while but Saracen has now officially turned orange, Lok'nStore Group Plc, with its brightly coloured storage centres (25 of them at last count) has lent us its colours and we like how they look on us.

So to summarise - nothing has changed and everything has changed.  For now lets just settle in to this new look and when we come knocking you should know it is the same Saracen you always knew but with a new spring in its step and a shiny new pair of trainers!