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Storage by The Box

Announcing Box’nStore powered by Saracen

This autumn (2014) has marked the launch of a brand new service from the group called Box’nStore, which is aimed primarily at small business and personal consumers.

If you need to store 1 or more boxes, but don’t require your own personal storage space, then Box’nStore is the answer. Box’nStore is storage by the box, instead of by the square meter, making self storage as simple and affordable as possible.

It’s an online service which is super easy to use, providing one simple destination where you can manage everything on the go or at home by heading over to

With prices starting at £1 per month per box, we’re confident that Box’nStore will suit every budget and will provide an excellent alternative to more traditional self storage methods.

Forget throwing out your loved possessions; store them away until you have the space for all your prized items instead. Whether you’re tripping over that odd box labelled ‘stuff’ or you haven’t got the space for your ever expanding record collection, you can now easily free up some much sought after space with Box’nStore.

Our state-of-the-art warehouses provide the security you need to be sure you’ll get your items back exactly as you gave them to us. So don’t worry about boxing away your belongings, your stuff is safe with us! 

How does storage by the box work?

  • You order your free box(es) online at and pay £1 per box for your first month
  • We deliver the boxes free of charge
  • You fill the boxes and arrange collection
  • We collect the boxes free of charge and store them in a large purpose-built box storage warehouse
  • Whenever you want a box back just let us know, pay your £10 retrieval fee, and we will deliver the box back to you within 24-48 hours

For more information or to arrange your free box today, head over to to start clearing up some space now!