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The challenges of providing express archive storage in London

Our fleet of vans has safely delivered and collected millions of archive folders, boxes and backup tapes to hundreds of clients all across the capital.  Since 1991 we have seen a number of challenges to the service we provide including the obvious one (over-zealous parking wardens!): more traffic! Yes the congestion has got worse since the early 90s, but between our control room and drivers; we have developed routes around the worst traffic jams and bottle necks so that our clients always receive their documents on time.

Saracen even managed to keep our express and next day services running during the Olympics in 2012 with a special moped on call just in case of traffic problems. The moped was never used in the end and we managed to continue our next day deliveries and collections without any delay to service for our businesses in the capital.

Here are a few things that have massively changed for Saracen delivery drivers delivering in London:

  • The mobile phone: Seems impossible to imagine now, but back in 1991 it wasn’t as easy to talk to our drivers during their day. They had a daily schedule and our only contact would be the occasional phone call.
  • Sat Nav: Back in the early 1990s satellite navigation for the masses was in its infancy and it was all about the much loved / maligned London A-Z, hopefully not missing the page the driver needed.
  • Satellite vehicle tracking: Today we know exactly where our vans are in the city. Back 1991 we would have to rely on the driver checking in with the Saracen control room occasionally to let us know their location, making it more difficult to update customers.   
  • Mobile Barcode Scanners: Instant upload of customer signatures straight to email to prove delivery (let alone email!)

If this much has changed since 1991 for our drivers; imagine what will happen over the next 25 years. Hover vans, with robot drivers or possibly deliveries by drone? 

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